Concert Reviews

“This rich history has bestowed upon the group a wonderfully homogenous and mellow sonority, as well as a remarkable consistency in their interpretative approach. Like all great string quartets, the Allegri are able to seamlessly shift between playing as four soloists, each with their own style, and as a unified ensemble.

The high point of the concerts was the ensemble’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Op. 131. The impeccable choice of tempi and intense sense of forward momentum allowed the organic unity of this composition to come to the fore; the seven interconnected movements sounding as a unified artistic statement.”

“The Allegri’s performance exemplified the kind of fully-functioning ecosystem that differentiates the finest ensembles from the mediocre – a fact appreciated by their super-attentive audience."


“This astonishing level of transparency was furthered by the musicians' stunning dynamics. From a strong and forceful passage, they would retreat into a pianissimo with a suddenness of transition that would normally suggest an abrupt, unnatural cut of volume, but the Allegri's decrescendi had an organic, breathing quality that immediately made you look forward to the next one, just so you could admire this masterful effect once more.”


“The group's ethos, stated in the programme, that emotional truth in performance should outweigh flawless perfection of sound, still holds true. […] It was rich, beguiling and very heart-on-sleeve”



“These three extremely different works also demonstrated the versatility of the Allegri Quartet, as they switched effortlessly from one style and mood to another. The Allegri Quartet’s performance of this highly dramatic piece was intense and unrestrained, capturing the violence, fear, and rage of the story’s narrator.”


“They convey the simple pleasure of playing music together, without frills, for their delight as much as our own.”


CD reviews: Beethoven Opus 18 Vol.1


“The Allegri Quartet is still alive and well, and the first thing that needs to be said about the performances is how likeable they are: the playing has all the intelligence, energy and expressive freedom that are needed to convey the wilfully original character of Beethoven's early String Quartets.”

BBC Music Magazine, September 2013


“Consistently, the ensemble is admirably crisp, with fine control of dynamic shading, and with rhythms crisply the interpretations themselves [the recording] offers an undistracting view of each work, simply letting one enjoy the freshness of Beethoven in youthful high spirits. I look forward to more discs in the series.”

Gramophone, August 2013


“The Allegri play intensely, but also gracefully; they know when to give the music space… Their tempo for No 3’s andante con moto is actually slower than No 5’s andante cantabile in the same time signature, but I don’t blame them for relishing its beauties. All three finales are brilliant. This is an exhilarating disc.”

Sunday Times, David Cairns, June 2013


'The current line-up plays with elegance and cleanness of detail. Avoiding heavy gesture in favour of nimble energy'

The Observer, Fiona Maddocks, June 2013


“Fantastic music, winningly performed and warmly recorded...I like this group’s unsentimental, vibrato-free approach to Beethoven’s slow movements – the Andante Cantabile of no 5 is immaculately sustained at a flowing tempo”

The Art Desk, July 2013